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"I love those rare moments when a plan executes itself," said Wilton. We leaked information to the company largely as a matter of embarrassing them and keeping them off balance." "I stand corrected," said Amos respectfully. "If I may steer us back away from our digression," said Wilton, "Is everything in place to properly receive Sloan on Monday." "There's only one more thing, Wilton," Olivia said, "Did you want one of our girls to demonstrate our unique curriculum to Sloan, or were you going to let Helena have a go at him? I definitely want him to experience one of our girls straight away. I'm certain that you will choose wisely and well." "Thank you, Wilton," said Olivia.She glanced at her watch and added "Gentlemen, if there's nothing else I have a class to teach in ten minutes and just enough time to get there." "Go," said Wilton, "The students, after all, must come first." Olivia stood up from her chair to leave."Yes," said Olivia, "You're the only man I've ever met who needs to be fellated to make phone call." "It helps me to focus on the task at hand," the dean said defensively."Speaking of which," he continued, changing the subject, "I believe that we have everything in place to welcome Alan Sloan into our little circle." "Do you think it wise," the doctor asked, "to wait until Saturday for him to come up here?Olivia De Monde was a strikingly beautiful and imposing woman. When she wore he customary four inch heels she towered over most people.

" "In this case, Amos," Wilton said with a smirk, "I suspect that it's more likely from the bottom of your balls.The soft, almost porcelain skin of her face featured high cheek bones, full, sensuous lips, a slightly patrician nose, a long graceful neck, and almond-shaped, hazel eyes.Her raven black hair tumbled down over strong, broad shoulders.By now, however, Miss Zinful should have arrived at Sloan's apartment insanely randy and totally submissive. "I was looking over our data on his sexual history and realized that he has never once been in a situation in which the woman was absolutely obedient.Not to put too fine a point on it, Sloan should be fucking her slutty, little brains out as we speak." "Excellent! He needs to experience that sense of power at least once if he is to fully understand what we do here." "That makes perfect sense," Amos agreed.

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